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  I wanted to get back into this sooner, but it's been a weird winter.  Anyway, commissions open again until they are not.

 Stuff we do:
- Organic: Humans, aliens, animals ( though we're better at cold-blooded than warm-blooded critters. )
- Transformers: Any and all, though the art styles are limited to G1, Beast Wars, and All Hail Flamewar.
- OCs: Absolutely.
- Slash, femmeslash, het, whatever.  As long as everyone's consenting adults.
- We are also cool with non-sexual nudity.

 Stuff we don't do:
- Character design.  Sorry.  It takes too much time.  ( Unless it's really basic like 'this type of car, transforms like Sideswipe, but has Moonracer's helmet'. )
- Sex scenes or local equivalent.  Before or after, sure, but we're pretty fade-to-black around here.

 Basically, you're here on my DevArt, you know what my stuff looks like, what I'm capable of, and if it fits your requirements.

 Stuff we require:
- Reference.  You want a dog, I need to be shown what kind.  You want a Transformer who wasn't in the G1 cartoon or 80's comics or Beast Era, I need to be pointed to screencaps/scans.  You want an OC, I need a picture.

Drawing (8.5x11) Single character, basic background:
- Black and white (pencil over blue lines) - $15
- Colour flats - $30
- Colour shaded - $45
 ( Comparison of different stages, for your reference. )
 ( Basic background means colour flat, colour gradient, or dropping one of my stock photos in behind. )

- Each additional character, black and white - $5
- Each additional character, colour - $10
- Drawn background - $15

 At this time, I only take PayPal.

 I will check in with you during the process to make sure you're getting what you want.  I prefer to be paid halfway through the process and I will supply you my PayPal address - don't just guess at it ( yes, someone tried once.  It was a mess. )  Once complete, I will e-mail you the full-size picture.  It is yours to do with whatever non-profit thing your heart desires.  I will post web-sized versions on DevArt and possibly my other sites depending on what the picture is of.  I will not sell prints of your picture unless you grant permission.

1 - :iconchaos2112:
2 - open
3 - open
4 - open
5 - open

 ( And if you'd prefer something 3D, we sell jewellery and things over on Etsy. )


Melissa DeHaan

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onefromthedarkness 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
somethings that i noticed went missing are your transformers fanfic covers. do you have those available to view? also i was wondering if you have the constructicon mugs available for purchase?
The covers fell off years ago, either during a site move or site redesign.  I don't think I even have copies on the computer any more ( having fallen off during a computer upgrade. )  The Constructicon coffee pictures were only available as prints, cute as mugs would have been.
Retired-GriefAura Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya, how's it goin'? :)
Not bad.  Busy with assorted projects.
Retired-GriefAura Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah. Yeah, everyone seems to be busy nowadays. ^^
Any good Transformers conventions coming to Canada?
There may be others, but the best one is TFCon. ;)
I've, sadly, never been before.  But I'd really like to go to that one.  Especially after they ended the Stittsville Flea Market (which was a great place to find the odd old Transformer).

Thankies for the info.
JZLobo Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer… Looks like someone at Hasbro might have been reading the Insecticomics...
This is PROBABLY not the right place for it, but I have GOT to know, considering your stance on TF genders, what your opinion on the current Windblade vs. Arcee/Mairghread Scott vs. Simon Furman kerfluffle is.
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