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I have declared this full so's I can slip in a few characters of my own choice ( totally Constructicons. )

To continue the theme of surprise, I won't link the prompts list until I finish it.  I will tell you that it is ostensibly a 'shippy list but it leans more towards general fluff instead of kissing* and such.  I wanted happy fluff prompts to work from.

( I don't know about the rest of you, but Poptarts, I know you're going to be happy. )

*I may have to haul out a kissing prompt someday.  I find kissing horrendously hard to draw.  Practice may be required.  And with my luck you'll pick nothing but entomorphs and robots with masks.

01: Megadeath and Macabre ( Koilungfish )
02: Long Haul and Scavenger ( WaywardInsecticon )
03: BW Silverbolt and Dinobot ( JZLobo )
04: OV Inferno and Megatron ( Draange )
05: OV Blackarachnia and Scorponok ( almightyhat )
06: Starscream and Thundercracker ( Moonscream )
07: Cyclonus and Skywarp ( Diraghio )
08: Ratchet and Ironhide ( Solloby )
09: Gilou and Brasswing ( juzo-kun )
10: Trailbreaker and Hound ( shadowcat9279 )
11: Wheeljack and Jazz ( gx-9901 )
12: Ravage and Steeljaw ( ladylyn )
13: Galvatron and TM2 Megatron ( Warriorking4ever )
14: Clipper and Jendolyn ( Eimira )
15: Tal and Orion Pax ( Ghostbear0 )
16: Flamewar and Elita-1 ( Chaos2112 )
17: OV Waspinator and Rhinox ( Deaku )
18: Rattrap and Thunderwing ( FoxyTuttle )
19: Bumblebee and Brawn ( Der-Der )
20: Vector Prime and Kup ( MBlackwood )
21: Tarantulas and Rattrap ( harukoyamada )
22: Scrapper and Hook ( WaywardInsecticon )
23: Rodimus Prime and Springer ( Jaylyn )
24: Swoop and Thundercracker ( kenyastarflight )
25: Wheeljack and Ratchet ( evilkillerpoptarts )
26: Bonecrusher and Mixmaster ( WaywardInsecticon )
27: Waspinator and TMII Dinobot ( TM2-Dinobot )
28: Cosmos and Soundwave ( Iespyk )
29: Brasswing and Dreadmoon ( The-Devi-stator )
30: Needlenose and Spinister ( Lunatron )


Melissa DeHaan

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Zephyr79 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015
I had a dream the other night that the Insecticomics were back...
Rh1n0x Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

I stumbled across your Gallery while looking up pics of Terrorsaur and was delighted to find you had an entire folder full of Beast Wars-related artwork!

I'm producing a collaborative Transformers comic book series and I'm always on the hunt for Artists to work with, especially Colourists. I was wondering if you might be interested in helping out? You'd be working on good quality Line Art like this:…

Cheers, let me know your thoughts,
- Rh1n0x.
WaywardInsecticon Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015
I've got too many projects of my own and I don't do team-ups, but good luck with your comic! ^_^
Rh1n0x Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No worries at all :)

Keep up the sweet work!
bahamutforever Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
I would like to declare that I have refound my inner Devourist.
JZLobo Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
So this character exists.

I'd love to see her show up in AHF.
JZLobo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
WaywardInsecticon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
It's a start.  It doesn't give much more information than that.
JZLobo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I haven't read Windblade's miniseries yet, but it's on my to-read list.
WaywardInsecticon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Oh, the Windblade mini is great.  I meant the article is just 'we're acknowledging that fangirls exist and especially young fangirls need representation and we think we've got some good characters here' and not addressing things like 'so, when you say 'adding female characters', do you mean 'more than just a token'?' or 'does this mean the female characters actually get their own character arcs or are they just there to check off the token box because I'd really like some reassurance' or 'you do realise that Solus Prime is a garbage example because she was fridged for the manpain of her murderer, yeah?'
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