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April 11
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Moderate nudity warning for not actually seeing anything but it's there.

Late update because I got caught up working on game maps and lost track of time. _

Nudity: Sometimes it happens around here.  Tal feels like it always happens around him, but he's biased.

Alpine's from the 50's, but he's an adventure guy so I figure he's not terribly worried about modesty.  It's not like there's bathrooms on uncharted mountains.

Start from the beginning of this arc.
Start from the beginning.
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evilkillerpoptarts Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Poor, poor Tal. XD
Lunatron Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Hmm, a few things strike me:
1) He may be taller than he was, due to getting perfect nutrition in a test tube as opposed to imperfect nutrition in real world life.
2) His taste in food may be different, because taste in food is influenced by gut flora, and he may have different gut flora now. Whether you like chocolate or not is up to your gut flora! Whether you like red or white wine! And so on. Actually, he most likely has different gut flora. I bet Zefonith has a super-optimized uber gut flora mix.
3) His tolerance for alcohol is likely much, much lower now, since he is more or less now someone who has never drank alcohol, ever.
4) If he was a smoker, he won't be addicted anymore, and if they even have cigarettes now (probably some newfangled new drugs instead), it would be like he was smoking for the first time.
WaywardInsecticon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
1) Also a thing.  But unless it was a big change, I'm not sure how noticeable it would be to him.

2) Super-Optimised Uber Gut Flora Mix sounds like a pseudo-milkshake you'd get at a health food store. ;) And, yeah, Alpine was filled with future gut flora, since that's what's available and also so he can eat.  I'm not sure if Tethyn food would kill someone with modern gut flora, but given all the medical advances and how easily everyone can adapt to different planets ( Earthlike as they are, they're still alien planets, ) I expect the future people are generally hardier than modern humans.

3) His size would let him soak up some, but otherwise zero tolerance.

4) Come to think of it, given that he's 50's sci-fi movie-based, he was probably a smoker.  I'm going to file it under 'between lack of physical craving and general distraction, he hasn't thought of it, or maybe he wasn't a smoker.  Either/or.'  ( Cigarettes don't seem to be a thing any more, but there are undoubtedly still narcotics of one kind or a dozen, because humans. )
Lunatron Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
1) I doubt he would notice at all, unless he has a strange habit of measuring his height, and they lend him a Past measuring tape...

2) Hee hee hee. Given that food from one part of the world can make someone from another part of the world sick if they are not used to it, I imagine that Past Gut Flora would definitely lead to getting sick in the future.

3) That may be an unpleasant surprise. :D

4) Yeah, if he isn't feeling any cravings, he won't notice for a while.
Hidden-Traveler Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
His scars.  That's what convinces him something screwy is going on?  Really?
Statri Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Makes sense in a way.  He came from a time before reconstructive surgery (or at least before it was really good and readily available).  Most everything else could possibly be staged, but actual changes to his own body could not.

I actually wondered when we'd get to this.  It struck me as the easiest way to verify the clone story, though it probably wouldn't convince him he's in the future on another planet.
SkyknightXi Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Well, if the disappearance of the scars isn't going to help bring home that he's effectively his own reincarnation, I don't know what will. How does he still have a navel, though, since that's a scar as well?

I wonder how his face is different, though, seeing how he's mentioning it distinctly from the scars. (Oh, and Stevenson? The term "witch doctor" was originally coined to refer to someone who specialized in dispelling curses. Not an all-purpose mystic healer.)
almightyhat Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
And on top of the 'maybe he broke his nose' thing... Part of what makes our faces look the way they do is genetics, but nutrition while growing also plays a big part in the base structure of the face-- good nutrition helps us end up with more symmetrical features.  Faces also have a ton of muscles, so if Dick tends to do that Han Solo lopsided grin frequently, or chew food on one side of his mouth over the other, or squint a lot, that's going to have an effect on the balance and lines in his face.  He may also be used to seeing sun damage, and it's not unlikely that he smoked.  He could be missing acne scars that men aren't usually conditioned to see as scars, rather than just part of the texture of their faces.

Life leaves its mark.
Statri Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Well, the naval is created by the umbilical cord, which provides nutrient to the fetus.  Maybe the cloning process recreates that at first?  Though I imagine him in something like a test tube until just a few days before he woke up, so you'd think his naval would still be a bit sore.
Packbat Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
I assume he broke his nose or jaw or something as a kid.
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