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So, uh, it's only been four years, yeah?  I've seen fics update after like nine so that's like twice as fast.  ( Boilerplate for those who have only arrived in the last four years: Other Vengeance can be summed up as 'the Beast Warriors get turned human by the Vok, call a truce to deal with it, and slowly come to realise they've got more in common than they thought.  Also we don't shy away from stuff like bathrooms.' )

Minichapter update ( 5k words ) because I kind of sort of forgot a not quite a plot point, but a thing that's a big enough deal that it should have been covered on-screen.  This counts as Chapter 3.5 because that's where it makes the most sense to be: Part Of The One - Optimus and Megatron go check out a possible alien site and trade information.

Full chapter update with Chapter Five once the edits are done, so this thing counts as a tide-over.  And Chapter Six is mostly written ( it darn well better be mostly written, given how long it is already. )

Whole mess is at In Space.  There's been some minor revisions to the first three chapters, but probably nothing you'd notice.
Did I tell you lot that I'm doing the tumblr thing now?  I am doing the tumblr thing now.

It isn't particularly exciting.  Any art updates here as well.  Sometimes I reblog bugs and sea things.  But if you'd rather get updates over there, it is also an option.
Trying to be vaguely more sociable in my life so, sure, let's do a thing someone tagged me on.  Looks short.

Tagged by: Linwelly

 Rules: Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

That is too sociable already.

☆ Name: Wayward

☆ Star sign: Capricorn

☆ Average hours of sleep: Eight, but not the eight you're thinking of.

☆ Lucky number: 20, in very specific circumstances.

☆ Last thing googled: "drowned ophelia painting"

☆ Favorite fictional character(s): Not counting mine, I assume.  It changes.  Go with Slog.  Slog is always relevant.

☆ Current attire: Yes.  Also a lapcat.

☆ When did you start this account?: 2003

☆ Number of watchers: No clue ... huh, stats say 1,083.  I expect the real, active number is much lower.

☆ What do you post?: Comic pages, mostly.

☆ Other blogs: I don't blog.  I have other websites, though:
Wayward Martian Graphics - Primary website, contains the Harbourmaster and Undine comics.
In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream - Transformers fansite, has fic and the Insecticomics and All Hail Flamewar archives.
WaywardMartian on Etsy - Etsy store.  I make jewellery.
WaywardMartian on Patreon - Support a semi-hermit who can't stop telling stories and making things.

☆ Do you get a lot of comments: Define 'a lot'.  I get enough to know people are reading.  It's sufficient.

☆ Why did you choose this username?: I've been some version of Wayward and/or Martian since high school.  This account was originally started as a place to put Transformers fan art while my website was down.  I never changed the name.

☆ Tagging: Pft.
[ETA]: Back again.  Part came in sooner than expected.  Apparently in this case, 'five to ten business days' meant 'starting today' and 'includes Saturday'.  I am not used to such efficient service.  Anyway, I installed the new fan and the old laptop is running cooler and quieter than it has in months.


Due to borked laptop.  Fan broke, new one's on order.  Posting away messages from Knave's computer, and that's pretty much all I can do from here since he hasn't got the same programs as me, also I hate his ergonomic keyboard.

At least it's not stranding me in the middle of an arc.  Book III will start whenever my computer's working again. :p
So I'm having a bout of Must Get Things Done and am trying to organise my stuff so's I can get it all done.  I don't usually let others in what I'm doing because I have a general paranoia that it will set off a chain of 'no you should stop doing that thing that matters to you and do what I want and if you don't drop everything to do what I want you will ruin Christmas'.  Like, I know you're better than that, but I've run into enough that aren't to get twitchy about it.

So here's a thing that matters to both of us ( in that I got a few e-mails about it while I was on semi-break ) and I'm asking your input on: All Hail Flamewar, it will continue, but how?  So, the status update:

I was building the AHF game in RPG Maker VX Ace.  Back in late October, I bought the new version, RPG Maker MV.  I spent some time playing with the new engine to see if I liked it.  There's ups, there's downs, but in general I found I prefer MV.  It felt really weird to use Ace again when I got back to working on it.  Then Christmas-based Real Life happened and that distracted me until January.

The AHF game is over half-done, I'd say ( about half the chapters are done, but the chapters in the second half are shorter. )  Current options, as they stand, are:
a) Finish the game in Ace and hate doing it, because it means finishing a bunch of sprites I will never use again because they don't fit the larger MV format.  Making sprites is my least-favourite part of building these games.
b) Convert the game to MV, which means redoing all the pixel art ( I like doing tiles, but sprites, argh ) and figuring out ways of doing some of the interface since MV doesn't allow button input ( that I know of.  Maybe someone did a script.  Anyway, not the end of the world. )
c) Release what's available ( I've been building it in order so it is playable, though a lot of the art is placeholders ) as a curiosity, accept that I bit off more than I could chew, and get back to drawing the comic like normal.

I'm currently leaning towards Option C, much as I hate dumping a project, so I can get back to the comic.

Also I apparently have a Patreon now.  Donate, don't, whichever.
Just in case Friday rolls around and you're wondering where the new page is.

Because of sudden Real Life stuff, the next Harbourmaster update will be on February 19th.
Just so's I've got it all collected in an easy list.

It is a series of sketches and short comics involving the Constructicons dancing.  I think they're hanging out in a bar on Cybertron but it's hard to tell because there's no backstory and barely any backgrounds, it's just me drawing dancing Constructicons because it pleases me to do so.  The series will continue until I get distracted by something else.

01: Shaking Those Treadbutts - Bonecrusher and Scavenger
02: Mixy and Hook take a turn - Mixmaster and Hook
03: Pest - Scrapper and Hook
04: Bulldozers gonna bulldoze - Long Haul, Bonecrusher, and Scavenger
05: Six-binders always have a dance partner - Mixmaster and Scavenger
06: Show-Off - Long Haul and Bonecrusher
07: Scavenger and Long Haul this time - Scavenger and Long Haul and another lazy title
08: I guess other people are there also - The Stunticons
09: Cutting In - Scrapper, Hook, and Bonecrusher
10: Motormaster you should know better than this - The Stunticons
11: I'll lead - Onslaught, Blast-Off, Motormaster
12: Everybody's watching - Breakdown, Dead End, Scavenger, Wildrider, Mixmaster
13: Prove it - Hook and Drag Strip
14: Dancing is futile - Bonecrusher and Dead End
15: Wallflower team-up - Scrapper and Long Haul
16: Combaticon waltz - Onslaught and Motormaster
17: Gothic Two-Step - Dead End and Bonecrusher
18: Alternate Tactics - Motormaster and the Combaticons
19: Long Haul can be bribed - Swindle and Long Haul
20: When shop talk is talking about shopping - Swindle and Long Haul
21: Of course the snooty guys team up - Hook and Blast Off
22: He seems like he'd be into it - Scrapper and Vortex
23: Adjusting for size - Scrapper and Slog
24: Too small, throw him back - Slog and Hook
I have declared this full so's I can slip in a few characters of my own choice ( totally Constructicons. )

To continue the theme of surprise, I won't link the prompts list until I finish it.  I will tell you that it is ostensibly a 'shippy list but it leans more towards general fluff instead of kissing* and such.  I wanted happy fluff prompts to work from.

( I don't know about the rest of you, but Poptarts, I know you're going to be happy. )

*I may have to haul out a kissing prompt someday.  I find kissing horrendously hard to draw.  Practice may be required.  And with my luck you'll pick nothing but entomorphs and robots with masks.

01: Megadeath and Macabre ( Koilungfish )
02: Long Haul and Scavenger ( WaywardInsecticon )
03: BW Silverbolt and Dinobot ( JZLobo )
04: OV Inferno and Megatron ( Draange )
05: OV Blackarachnia and Scorponok ( almightyhat )
06: Starscream and Thundercracker ( Moonscream )
07: Cyclonus and Skywarp ( Diraghio )
08: Ratchet and Ironhide ( Solloby )
09: Gilou and Brasswing ( juzo-kun )
10: Trailbreaker and Hound ( shadowcat9279 )
11: Wheeljack and Jazz ( gx-9901 )
12: Ravage and Steeljaw ( ladylyn )
13: Galvatron and TM2 Megatron ( Warriorking4ever )
14: Clipper and Jendolyn ( Eimira )
15: Tal and Orion Pax ( Ghostbear0 )
16: Flamewar and Elita-1 ( Chaos2112 )
17: OV Waspinator and Rhinox ( Deaku )
18: Rattrap and Thunderwing ( FoxyTuttle )
19: Bumblebee and Brawn ( Der-Der )
20: Vector Prime and Kup ( MBlackwood )
21: Tarantulas and Rattrap ( harukoyamada )
22: Scrapper and Hook ( WaywardInsecticon )
23: Rodimus Prime and Springer ( Jaylyn )
24: Swoop and Thundercracker ( kenyastarflight )
25: Wheeljack and Ratchet ( evilkillerpoptarts )
26: Bonecrusher and Mixmaster ( WaywardInsecticon )
27: Waspinator and TMII Dinobot ( TM2-Dinobot )
28: Cosmos and Soundwave ( Iespyk )
29: Brasswing and Dreadmoon ( The-Devi-stator )
30: Needlenose and Spinister ( Lunatron )
Great Maximo and all the little spawnlings, it's a fic.  G1-fic.  I haven't posted a proper G1 fanfic in eight years.

Technically I wrote this thing like two years ago and forgot about it, so here it is - Critical Mess, in which Scrapper gets dragged to an art show by his crew.  8.5k words, six Constructicons, many OCs, one explosion.

[ETA:] So of course my webhost is doing site maintenance tonight.  Here's the FF.Net link if my host is still fussing or you just like FF.Net better.

[ETA2:] I have no idea what's up with the FF.Net link.  Apparently it is a known bug that new stories sort of flicker in and out of existence for the first few days?  Whatever, FF.Net. :P  The link should stabilise eventually.  But my home site's done doing server maintenance so that one works.
My regular e-mail has been causing trouble lately.  If you've submitted a contest entry but haven't heard from me that I received it, DevNote me so I can give you my back-up e-mail address.  If you haven't sent it in yet, DevNote me for the back-up address anyway.

Because of this e-mail nonsense, I've nudged the deadline back to June 23rd.
My schedule is going to explode this summer with a wedding and TFCon and I'm not going to have time to work on All Hail Flamewar - I can't update it during July.  ( Harbourmaster will remain on schedule or end up with a multi-page update, since I have a strip bumper finally.  AHF lacks this.  However, the current arc will wrap up before the hiatus. )

So we're going to ask you all for filler strips, come up with some prizes, and call it a contest.

It's All Hail Flamewar based, but doesn't have to take place in my continuity.  For All Hail Flamewar isn't about a series or a place or even Flamewar, it's about Transformers fiction that doesn't treat female-pronouned Transformers as Other.


- It has to feature a female Transformer.  Give a canon character some love, show off one of your OCS, we aren't picky.

- If there's a male Transformer around, he is strictly supporting cast.  If you're writing Elita-One, she's not there as Optimus Prime's girlfriend, he's there as her boyfriend.

- 'And that is why there are girl robots' stories are forbidden.  Female Transformers do not need to justify their existence.

- Maybe gender is important to your chosen character for one reason or another.  But sometimes she's fixing a wall or setting a bomb or suddenly realising the building she's walked into is Trypticon.  Tell one of those stories.

- We do not allow the term 'femme' or any of its variations.  We don't even want to see the term 'female'.  If it sounds awkward with 'male' ( "Shockwave!  Optimus Prime and his male Autobots are attacking the Darkmount!"  "Silverbolt leads an all-male team of Autobot jets" ) then don't use 'female'.


- I don't care if you have to redesign your character of choice, I don't care if she's canon or yours, no robot boobs.  If her curvy chest becomes a legitimate part of her alt-mode, that's fine, we're not against curves ( reference: Antagony. )  If she's got boobs that are just there to be boobs, get rid of them, we are against the hypersexualisation of female characters and we reject the idea that breasts = female.  Yes, if Blackarachnia appeared in this series, she'd be flat.

- Photocomics are the exception to the above rule.  You don't have to alter your toys.

- Final posting size is 952x725 at 300dpi.  Basically, if you draw it all on an 8.5x11 ( turned sideways, ) the proportions should be fine.


  Get it to me by June 21st.  I will pick the four that best fit AHF and post them at In Space on the assorted Tuesdays with full credit and linkbacks.  Please do not post your entry on your own space before this, though teaser-style images are fine.  If your comic is chosen, you may post yours wherever you want after I do.  If your comic is not chosen, please wait until after the final winner is posted to post yours wherever.


  If you're going to be at TFCon, show up at my table for swag-claim.  If you're not, we'll come up with some sort of swag pack for you.

[ETA:] ... I should admit where I want these sent, shouldn't I?  Send entries to wayward at insecticons dot com.
  I wanted to get back into this sooner, but it's been a weird winter.  Anyway, commissions open again until they are not.

 Stuff we do:
- Organic: Humans, aliens, animals ( though we're better at cold-blooded than warm-blooded critters. )
- Transformers: Any and all, though the art styles are limited to G1, Beast Wars, and All Hail Flamewar.
- OCs: Absolutely.
- Slash, femmeslash, het, whatever.  As long as everyone's consenting adults.
- We are also cool with non-sexual nudity.

 Stuff we don't do:
- Character design.  Sorry.  It takes too much time.  ( Unless it's really basic like 'this type of car, transforms like Sideswipe, but has Moonracer's helmet'. )
- Sex scenes or local equivalent.  Before or after, sure, but we're pretty fade-to-black around here.

 Basically, you're here on my DevArt, you know what my stuff looks like, what I'm capable of, and if it fits your requirements.

 Stuff we require:
- Reference.  You want a dog, I need to be shown what kind.  You want a Transformer who wasn't in the G1 cartoon or 80's comics or Beast Era, I need to be pointed to screencaps/scans.  You want an OC, I need a picture.

Drawing (8.5x11) Single character, basic background:
- Black and white (pencil over blue lines) - $15
- Colour flats - $30
- Colour shaded - $45
 ( Comparison of different stages, for your reference. )
 ( Basic background means colour flat, colour gradient, or dropping one of my stock photos in behind. )

- Each additional character, black and white - $5
- Each additional character, colour - $10
- Drawn background - $15

 At this time, I only take PayPal.

 I will check in with you during the process to make sure you're getting what you want.  I prefer to be paid halfway through the process and I will supply you my PayPal address - don't just guess at it ( yes, someone tried once.  It was a mess. )  Once complete, I will e-mail you the full-size picture.  It is yours to do with whatever non-profit thing your heart desires.  I will post web-sized versions on DevArt and possibly my other sites depending on what the picture is of.  I will not sell prints of your picture unless you grant permission.

1 - :iconchaos2112:
2 - open
3 - open
4 - open
5 - open

 ( And if you'd prefer something 3D, we sell jewellery and things over on Etsy. )
  Friend's cat is having trouble with her teeth again.  ( And again, I can vouch for both friend and cat. )

  If you would prefer something more solid for your monies, friend also makes jewellery ( mostly robot or cat ) and interesting gloves.
  So I'm finally using my Etsy store for actual selling purposes.  At the moment it's just Transformers-based jewellery as I get my TFCon work up.

  If you were curious what I was selling at TFCon, here it is.  There will be more, I'm just taking it slow.

  ( And I got more Micro Machines from Knave and brother, so I've got a batch of new molds in the works. )

  [ETA:] Am also ( slowly ) adding the Insecticomics CDs ( link to Volume 4 ) to the Etsy store.  If you want them and don't want to go through Etsy, send me a note.  Prices are the same regardless of method.
  So I kidnapped Poptarts ( by telling her that I was kidnapping her, then forwarding her the ransom.  She then drove herself up.  I am expert kidnapper. )  So I had a) a dealer helper because running a table by self is neither easy nor fun ( Knave cannot always make it because work, ) and b) more stuff on the table because she brought stuff up.

  We were the Something For Everyone table.  We had toys, pins, magnets, keychains, bookmarks, prints, Insecticomics CDs, and various types of jewellery.  If it was not on our table, it didn't exist.  Or it was stickers.

  Also I wanted So Bad to see Marilyn Lightstone, but was chained to table so could not.  Sent Poptarts to get her autograph while she got Venus Terzo's for herself.  So I scored a signed Crasherprint anyway.

  End of Saturday, were socially exhausted but hoping for a few friends and pizza.  Either other friends were in large groups with people we didn't know or we couldn't find them.  Resigned to just leaving for the night ( and not too put-out because tired, ) bumped into Buggy and Pocky who were hunting Chinese take-out and didn't mind company.  So had food and friends which took back to the hotel to eat dinner in cushy lobby chairs.  And then Marilyn happens by.  I went over to say hello but got out maybe two coherent sentences before ending up babbling.  Expect was ridiculous but Marilyn was very nice about it.

  Sunday was less exciting but got to talk to friends more.  And I did end up buying the Fansproject Deluxe Insecticons ( could have also got the main Insecticons but I like those molds better for the Luxies. )  And then we went home and finally got our pizza.

  Poptarts has since paid back the ransom so I have to let her go.  But I think I will kidnap her again next year because we sold a lot of stuff.
  TFCon is coming up this weekend, so all my energies are bent towards that.  ( I need at least one more print, and I need to buy magnet parts, and I need to finish my displays, and I need to finish putting together Insecticomics Volume IV: Live!  From Pollyhex!  And there are probably a hundred other things I am forgetting. )  Anyway, I will be focusing on cartoon robots for the next seven days so the space pulp gets a break.  Harbourmaster will be back August 2nd.

  ( And then I vanish again for like a week in September for other reasons. )
  Harbourmaster is back on schedule until it is not.

  England had friends and sea and fried food and hermit crabs and not one crocodile.
Shall be on vacation ( to a lovely little seaside tourist town that hasn't got nearly enough giant lizards ) for most of June.  There will be other art or site updates but the next Harbourmaster comic page won't be up until June 28th.

 Until then, I'm tossing up the link to the Entomorph Statistical Thing again for any of you who want to join in but weren't here last time it was up or couldn't participate because the game lacked a proper Save function.
Update 130424: Friend's cat has had her dentistry and is doing fine. ^_^

 Friend could still use a bit of cash if Transformers-based jewellery is something you've been missing in your life ( also does commissions, fandom and non-fandom. )
With help from someone who is way better at this stuff than I am, I have learned how to make dolls made in dollmakers saveable so's you can just download your doll straight to your computer instead of fussing around with PrtScn or Snipping Tools or whatnot.  The following games have been retrofitted with the save function:

Basic Seeker
Customisable Jendolyn
Complicated Entomorph
Complicated Seeker

 Given my general fussiness, I will undoubtedly get around to doing the others at one point or another.  If you've got one you'd like to be done first, now's the time to tell me or I'll just be doing 'em in no particular order.

 ETA 130305: Upgraded Customisable Monteblanc with the Save feature and also rigged it so you can remove clothing and items by clicking them on the doll.

 ETA 130408: Upgraded Customisable Zefonith with a Save feature and the ability to remove items by clicking them on the doll.